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3 Carat Diamond and 14K White Gold, this sparkling bracelet is a delightful gift for the diamond lover.



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Timeless Bracelets Symbolising Adoration

They say real beauty is timeless – and what's more timeless than an elegant bracelet on your wrist?

Bracelets are a stylish choice fit for any occasion: elegant and beautiful, bracelets are a fashion staple and never go out of style. An iconic piece of jewellery that's feminine, fun and very fashionable, ICE Online’s bracelets can match any outfit, and can be worn anytime, anywhere.

Bracelets appeal to just about any age. Young and old alike appreciate an elegant piece of jewellery, such as a tennis bracelet when they see one. ICE Online not only offers a wide variety of tennis bracelets online to suit all your fashionable needs, but also provide you with different styles that cater to the ladies of all ages.

Bracelets are also a wonderful choice to give as gifts. The simple gesture of giving someone you like a tennis bracelet is not only romantic and touching – it speaks volumes of your sense of style and fashion taste.

Wide Selection of Bracelets for All Occasions

Ice Online's bracelet selections are a grand present to give in celebration of life's many milestones: be it your anniversary, your mother’s birthday, or your daughter’s graduation. Bracelets are a great way to show appreciation to the ones you love, and you’re sure to light up a beautiful girl’s face with an extraordinary piece of arm wear.

Made with the finest material and moulded with premium craftsmanship, Ice Online’s various bracelets online are guaranteed not only to be trendy and fashionable, but also durable. Hence, they are definitely money well spent, and as you know, the ones you love deserve all the best things in life. Our timeless pieces are of high quality, assured to bring that little bit of sparkle and shine, that added flair and elegance that could turn even the most boring and simplest of outfits, fabulous.

Ice Online offers a myriad of bracelet designs online. Bangles, stackable bracelets, charm bracelets, leather, beaded, or charm bracelets, and cuffs are available for purchase, waiting to make someone you love truly happy. Our pieces can be worn on their own, or mix and match them up for a new look – whichever way they are worn, our trendy bracelets are sure to bring in the compliments.

For the most beautiful woman in your life, nothing is more impressive than the perfect bracelet. Let ICE Online help you choose the right bracelet for that special occasion, certain to make your girl smile.