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Caring for your Earrings

Whether you received your earrings as a gift, earned it as an heirloom, or bought it for yourself, keeping them at their best state means knowing how to take care of them. Different types of earrings call for different types of care. Here are some guidelines on how you can maintain your earrings at their best.

How to keep the sparkle of your diamond earrings

Diamonds are so precious that you would want your diamond stud earrings or any type of diamond earrings to not lose their sparkle. To avoid them from getting dull, make sure you put them on last, so that hair products like hairspray, perfume or lotion do not get into them.

Another way to care for your diamond earrings is to keep off your hands from the diamond studs. To clean them, use hot water and ammonia or some glass cleaner. Make sure you also bring your diamond earrings to an authorised jeweller to have them inspected and cleaned by a specialist at least once annually. This way, you can ensure that the diamonds will keep on sparkling.

Keeping those pearl earrings shiny

Pearls are supposedly more fragile than any other type of gem out there. Hence, they must be treated with utmost care if you would like to keep its unique lustre.

First and foremost, the easiest way to care for your pearl earrings would be to put them on last to avoid contact with hairspray, perfume, or any other type of mist. Care should also be taken against perspiration, as this can be damaging to the pearls’ surface, which is naturally acidic. This may, in turn, lead to discolouration and roughening of its originally smooth texture. When wearing pearl earrings then, avoid humid and hot places so you would not perspire.

Maintain your gold earrings’ gloss

Gold earrings do not naturally come cheap so care is important if you want to keep their grandeur. These earrings may not easily tarnish but they become dull when they become exposed to makeup, creams, perfumes and other beauty products. Cleaning your gold earrings regularly helps in maintaining their brilliance. To clean your gold earrings, all you need are warm water, mild detergent, a strainer, a soft toothbrush, and a soft cloth.

As a general rule for all earrings, may it be diamond, pearl or gold, avoid wearing them in the shower because the harsh chemicals of your soap or shampoo can make your jewellery dull. Also, avoid wearing earrings when swimming, as the chlorine in the swimming pool can also cause discoloration.

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