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Budded Crosses: When Faith and Fashion Collide

Jewelleries do not only speak of one’s fashion. Sometimes, jewelleries are also worn to show a person’s faith. While there are many religious symbols that come in different jewelleries like rings, earrings and necklaces, budded crosses is one of the most loved religious symbols that jewellery buffs often wear. When mixed with precious stones and lovely gems, budded crosses will not only be a great symbol of faith but also a nice fashion statement as they shower you with ample lustre and elegance.

Remarkable History of Budded Crosses

Budded crosses are very much symbolic. Back in the days when jewelleries were not much of a fad, these crosses were already worn mostly by religious people. Originally, budded crosses were first used by the Celtic Druids. They are also known to represent the Trinity which is composed of Father God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Budded crosses also depict resurrection and new faith which is actually the reason why they are usually worn by people who are new to Christianity. Budded crosses in jewelleries are Christians’ way of accepting and welcoming God into their lives. As their faith grows even more, these crosses will remain their symbol of faith and religious beliefs.

Different Names And Interpretation Of Budded Crosses

Budded crosses come in different names. They also have different interpretations depending on the churches’ purpose. A budded cross is sometimes called Cathedral Cross, Apostle’s Cross or Treflee cross. These crosses come in different numbers of bud. They may have one up to five buds though four and five buds are rare finds.

Essentially, a cross with one bud symbolises a person’s grown faith or a budding faith which is not fully developed. Two-bud cross, on the one hand, is a dazzling emblem of faith which often looks like bones. Crosses with three buds are a common reminder of the holy trinity in which the three buds represent the three personas. While it is unusual to find budded crosses with four buds and five buds, these crosses also have their own representation. Four-bud crosses signify the four Evangelists while five-bud crosses depict the sufferings of Jesus Christ until the moment He died on the cross.

Budded crosses are everywhere since they are very in demand among religious people. However, you can have incomparable budded crosses which come in different styles and designs. At Ice Online, you can find the most beautiful jewelleries with budded crosses that are all affordable, stylish, and certainly unique.