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Rose Gold Bangles for the Romanticist

Rose gold or pink gold is a mix of pure gold and a high concentration of copper alloy. This mixture is the reason for the beautiful feminine rose colour of the metal. This makes the metal more durable. Its soft colour intensifies and becomes more beautiful with time as the copper component tarnishes. This makes jewellery items made out of rose gold much in demand. In fact, it was primarily used in making wedding rings in Russia. Its beauty has become widely known all over the world such that other jewellery pieces were created such as earrings, necklaces, and watches.

Rose Gold Bangles: Bold Accessories With A Soft Touch

Looking for the perfect gift for your partner but is having a hard time? Roses tend to wilt and die, but rose gold bangles are everlasting. Rose gold bangles provide the perfect balance between the classic and modernistic approach to your partner’s heart.

Rose Gold bangles can be worn by men and women. The design of rose gold bangles is usually a circular band that is simply slipped on to the wrist. It can be worn and taken off with ease. Some designs are built with a clasp. Rose gold bangles vary and may appear flat, wide, or round. They can also be embellished with precious stones such as Cubic Zirconia.

Pastiche, a famous brand of jewellery in Australia, has delved into the business of rose gold bangles after seeing its high potential in the market. Its famous collection consists of several roles gold bangles that will definitely capture any woman’s heart. A popular choice includes the Pastiche French Lace Bangle, a jewellery piece with intricate designs that will make you feel like royalty.

The Proper Care Needed For Rose Gold Bangles

Rose gold bangles are not too delicate. You can give your favourite pieces the same treatment you give to the common gold jewellery. A cleaning solution and cloth can be used for maintenance. Rose gold bangles should be kept in a cloth bag or lined cases if not being used. Extra precaution should be observed when utilising substances such as perfumers or lotions because this might affect the colour of the rose gold bangles.

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