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Why Women Love Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are very popular these days. Not only are they fashionable pieces that add flair to one’s wardrobe; women love them because they tell their stories. Here at Ice Online Australia, we have the charm bracelets you are looking for.

Charm bracelets as story tellers

Women are known to be emotional and sentimental beings. They want to remember every moment in their lives. Some put their stories in their diaries, others use their pencils to etch the beautiful moments in their drawing books. And for those who are unable to capture the memories in letters or figures, they use their cameras and hang the pictures on their walls.

Charm bracelets are another way to remember a beautiful life story. These bracelets are alluring because they express a lot of things. You see a woman wear her bracelet with charms and you will know her story, or what she likes, or what she values.

The beginnings of charm bracelets

According to history books, the wearing of charms may have started out as a form of warding off bad luck or evil spirits. In Egypt, charms were used as symbols of faith and luck and for purposes of identification. During the Roman Empire, Christians used tiny fish charms to identify themselves to other Christians. Meanwhile, in every battle, medieval knights used charms as forms of protection.

The charms then were like amulets made from clay, shells, or animal bones. As time went by, these pendants were formed out of wood, gems, and rocks. Around 75,000 years ago, shells were used as adornments in Africa. Mammoth tusk charms meanwhile were found to be used by the Germans some 30,000 years back.

One of the influences in the use of charm bracelets was Queen Victoria, who started this fashion among the noble classes in Europe. She even made the use of charms popular when Prince Albert died. She used “mourning” charms—lockets of hair from the dead and miniature portraits of her beloved prince.

The popularity of these bracelets faded in the 1950s. They saw resurgence during the middle of the 2000s.

Charm bracelets of today

These days, a charm bracelet is made of metal that have decorative trinkets hanging on it. You can add charms to an existing charm bracelet and fill it up with figures that will remind you of a significant event in your life.

Charms and charm bracelets are also fantastic gifts. If you are looking for unique gifts to loved ones, check out our finest selections of charms made with premium craftsmanship.

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