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Show Your Interest In Love and Mythology With An Amethyst & Diamond Bracelet

Like other gems, amethyst has its own history and lore. Amethyst came from the Greek amethystos, meaning, ‘without intoxication.’ According to myth, there was a beautiful nymph named Amethyst. She attracted the favour of Dionysus, the god of wine and drunkenness. Unfortunately, Amethyst refused the god’s affections. She went to the goddess Diana to ask for help. Diana, upon learning her condition, turned her into a precious stone. To commemorate his unrequited love, Dionysus poured wine over the stone and thus, gave it its purple colour. This act by the saddened god was supposed to remind the wearers of the intoxicating effect of love.

The Symbolism Of Amethyst And Diamond

Throughout Europe, following the belief of the Greeks, wine cups were inlaid with amethysts. It was as if the stones carried a ‘sobering power’ that controls the urge of whoever drinks from it. Aside from its connotations of drunkenness and Eros, amethyst was also used as a talisman. Ancient Egyptians have worn this in their bodies as a source of balanced temperament while in battle. This notion of calmness and restraint have perpetuated until the Middle Ages.

Wear this around your wrist and be one of those who treasure myth and history. Accessories such as these are more interesting because they carry with them stories that have been passed on since the earliest times. If you don’t have one yet, browse through Ice Online’s gorgeous amethyst & diamond bracelet selection.

Amethyst & Diamond Bracelet For The Month Of February

It is no surprise that this gemstone, associated with love, is birthstone for February. An amethyst & diamond bracelet would be great for everyday wear throughout the whole month. Ice Online has an Amethyst-Africa that is in size 7, the standard size for bracelets. Little sparkly diamonds surround every purple gemstone. This jewellery will glisten with splendour every time you move your wrist.

A gemstone cut in the shape of a heart looks more striking if it’s an amethyst. Seeing hearts in the colour purple is not common, as compared to the typical heart-shaped red. This makes it all the more interesting.

An amethyst & diamond bracelet is made of sterling silver and secured with a sturdy lobster clasp. The gemstones are accented with round diamonds all over. Check out our collection at Ice Online and find the perfect amethyst & diamond bracelet that will absolutely make you look chic and elegant.