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Aquamarine & Diamond Bracelets For Sea Lovers

The term aquamarine came from the Latin Aqua marinus, which means ‘water of the sea.’ This precious stone is a variety of the mineral beryl. The presence of iron accounts for its magnificent hue. Aquamarine aptly represents the captivating colour of water. It is also comparable to the colour of clear, blue skies of summer.

If you like going to the beach or water in general, aquamarine might be the most suitable gemstone for you. It’s refreshing and cool. It conveys easiness and relaxation. These are values that speak to anyone who’s willing to give aquamarine accessories a try.

Aquamarine Is More Than Just Its Colour

Aquamarine has a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. This means that it’s at par with the ‘classic’ hard gemstones such as ruby, emerald, sapphire, and the like. It doesn’t scratch or break easily. So, you can wear an aquamarine & diamond bracelet on your wrist, go about your day, and not worry about it being (severely) damaged.

There are also greenish-blue aquamarines on the market. They available in different cuts and sizes and are fitted into all types of jewellery. But take note, professionals consider the ‘clear-as-the-sea’ shade of blue as more valuable.

Beautiful Aquamarine and Diamond Bracelets at Ice Online

Sometimes, the price of a gemstone is dictated based on how intricate the cut is. Contrary to popular belief, colour is not the only quality of a fine-looking gemstone. The type of cut can also be immensely beautifying. There’s a difference between a princess cut, cushion, octagon, radiant, trillion, baguette, and marquise. The more sides the gemstone has, the more it will sparkle. It also means that serious craftsmanship has been put into it. As an example, take a look at Ice Online’s oval cut aquamarine & diamond bracelet.

Since this stone is an allegory of seawater, it makes sense that it’s the lucky charm for seafarers. If you or someone you know travels on water frequently, an aquamarine & diamond bracelet is a thoughtful gift. You might not adhere to this belief, but it wouldn’t hurt if you do.

It’s also associated with the divine; the colour is reminiscent of the open heavens. All amiable values are ascribed to it—good feelings of trust, harmony, friendship, and joy and wealth for lovers.

Ice Online offers studded aquamarine & diamond bracelets. This piece has the most exquisite round cut aquamarine stones. This will dangle beautifully on your wrist, and anyone you meet will surely notice!