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The Pleasure of Wearing a Citrine & Diamond Bracelet

Citrine got its name from the word ‘citrus’ (as in citrus fruit). This yellow gemstone is the product of heating amethyst up to 750 degrees. The highest the heating temperature, the deeper the colour will be. For example, if the stone goes under 1600 degrees, it will look more like an earthy brown or an orange red. Natural yellow citrines are hard to find; these are often called lemon quartz. This proves that citrines are more complex than plain ‘yellow.’ It has different shades of yellow and undergoes different chemical and physical processes.

Citrine & Diamond Bracelet At Ice Online

The raw form of this gemstone looks ragged and unpolished but some people like to have it for display purposes. This stone is more popularly used as centrepieces for jewellery. Rings, necklaces, and earrings are bedazzled by citrines. This is a more inexpensive alternative to the usual diamond. It is more affordable but nonetheless, fashionable. But what if you can have a bracelet that boasts of both citrine and diamond?

Here at Ice Online, you will get the accessories that you have long been looking for. All our citrine & diamond bracelets are authentic and guaranteed stylish.

Citrine Used For Anxiety Relief

This stone is known to relieve anxiety and fear. A part of the mysticism surrounding citrines is that it has a soothing ability. Wearing this supposedly clears the chakras of the wearer and makes him/her feel good. If you treasure these values, citrine is a good choice. You don’t necessarily have to agree on these claims but it will still be an interesting purchase.

For a truly unique look, wear something citrine. Wearing anything yellow is quite tricky. It can either look ridiculous or juvenile (something children would wear). This idea is not the same with jewellery, though. If styled right, it can give you a glowing aura. It can even revolutionise a boring outfit. It’s a colour that evokes fun and spontaneity. A citrine & diamond bracelet would definitely brighten any November celebrant, as it is the birthstone for the month of November.

Yellow is commonly regarded as the colour of happiness—no wonder it’s also the same for citrine. If you want to attract good vibes, wear one of Ice Online’s citrine & diamond bracelets.