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Go For Twice The Charm With A Peridot & Diamond Bracelet

A sterling silver bracelet is already magnificent on its own; anyone wearing it would automatically feel the added elegance. But why not up its luxuriousness even more by adding two precious stones? Check out our peridot and diamond bracelets here at Ice Online.

The Rare Beauty Of Peridot

Peridot, with its olive green colour, is often mistaken for an emerald or other green precious stones. It is most often recognised to be the birthstone for those born in the month of August. Peridot occurs in the olive green colour, but it can also come in other shades ranging from yellow to brownish-green, depending on the amount of iron the crystal is composed of. The shade with the most value though is those with the dark olive green tone.

Often, the gemstone is believed to contain some magic that would protect its wearer from nightmares, provide healing, power, and influence throughout the whole year. The gemstone is in fact formed from the core of the Earth and is transported to the surface through the volcanoes of Hawaii, that is why Peridot said to represent the tears of the goddess of fire and volcanoes, Pele. But apart from its interesting back story, it’s the uniqueness of peridot that makes it a big hit among jewellery lovers. In its smaller form, it is often found adorning bracelets and necklaces, often being combined with other precious stones.

The Perfect Jewellery: Peridot & Diamond Bracelet

So much has been said about diamonds – that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and that diamonds are forever. The stunning beauty of diamonds is unquestionable, and it makes any and every jewellery more glorious and appealing. Its brilliance is not just striking but also interesting. The way it sparkles is more defined by the kind and the number of cuts it has. Pair it with other gemstones such as peridot and you will never go wrong. So if you’re looking for the perfect jewellery present for that special someone, or perhaps a reward for yourself, a peridot and diamond bracelet is a great choice.

Our coveted peridot and diamond bracelet collection even comes with a special box clasp.