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The THOMAS SABO Charm Club black obsidian bracelet. Elegant and classic, this piece is a 'must have'.
THOMAS SABO Obsidian Bracelet




Make a Meaningful Fashion Statement with ALEX AND ANI jewellery

One of the best things about fashion today is that more and more brands exist with a moral code. Consumers are becoming more aware of the brands that they buy, if they share the same values, and whether their products have been ethically sourced. With this, more businesses are being born with a conscience.

ALEX AND ANI is one such brand. It’s an American brand whose every product is made with love and hope. Its vision is to be a company that will make a positive impact to the world with its eco-conscious jewellery and accessories. The brand’s purpose is to empower their consumers as well as the advocacies they represent. It aspires to connect humanity, and passionately promote the wellbeing of our beloved planet earth, as well as empower local communities.

Every ALEX AND ANI Piece Is Infused With The Power Of Positive Energy

It is ALEX AND ANI’s core belief to embrace and infuse positive energy into its products by being mindful and ethical throughout its manufacturing process. Its products also feature in its design symbols that have been meticulously research and crafted, to attract and emanate positive energy. The owners of ALEX AND ANI jewellery make sure to bring their positive energy and make every product unique and personal. The goal is to allow each jewellery to have a sentimental meaning to its owner, or carry a deeper purpose of providing protection, being a talisman of good energy or intention.

Attract Positive Energy With Your Own Collection Of ALEX AND ANI Jewellery

Every ALEX AND ANI accessory aims to enrich the lives of its future owners by bringing a certain kind of positive energy.

Are you at a crossroads in your life and need a good deal of certainty and trust in your decisions? The ALEX AND ANI Anchor charm bracelet can be a grounding talisman to help empower you, so you can build trust in your inner vision and ideals. It borrows its power from the anchor symbol in its design, which has always been a symbol of strength and certainty among seafarers. It also represents the unbreakable connections of your heritage, beliefs, and passions.

If it is the gift of serendipity and miracles that captivates you, you might want to check out the ALEX AND ANI Unexpected Miracles Pull Chain Bracelet. Inspired by the potential of a humble acorn to grow into a massive oak, this bracelet aims to attract the biggest blessings and surprises.

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