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Add some sparkle with our beautiful sale diamond rings, earrings and bracelets! Shop styles in white gold, yellow gold and silver.


Our sale rings offer a huge collection of gemstone, gold and silver rings with choices for every style, occasion and budget. You won’t find quality or prices like this anywhere!


Studs, drop earrings and hoops, with gemstones and pearls in silver and gold! Sale earrings you love – at a price you won’t be able to ignore!


From classic tennis bracelets to statement cuffs and understated bangles, our sale bracelets offer, gems, rose gold, yellow gold and silver beauties!


Gold and silver sale necklaces with gemstones, diamonds and pearls in classic and contemporary styles.

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As worn by Australia's Next Top Model contestant, Yolanda Hodgson, this stunning Morganite and Diamond ring is a glamorous 'must-have'.


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The Perfect Jewellery from Ice Online

Ice is a jewellery store that focuses on offering quality products. We do our best to ensure that we offer you a wide variety of goods to perfectly suit your needs and wants. Jewellery can span from the subtle earrings to huge, attention-grabbing necklaces. Ice Online offers these and everything in between to make sure that you can have exactly what you’re looking for.

Ice Online Jewellery Helps you Pamper Yourself

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and what better way is there for a girl to carry diamonds other than on jewellery? However, any accessory can be a best friend for any man or woman. The smallest jewellery can serve as that little gift that you offer yourself - small accessory of indulgence. Ice Online gives you the chance to make yourself feel a little bit more special, because you deserve to.

Perfect your Outfit with a Touch of Jewellery

Every girl knows that any accessory can make or break an ensemble. It does not matter how long you have taken to prepare your outfit: the wrong piece of jewellery can easily make your whole set of clothes unacceptable for whatever event you are planning to attend. However, the right accessory can easily bring your appearance to the next level.

Complete Special Events

Aside from the time when vows are said at the altar, jewellery can also be used as the sprinkles on top of a number of different events, to make them just a little more special. For example, giving your child a pair of earrings for their graduation gift will show them how proud you are of them.

Create Memories

At the same time, that jewellery by Ice Online can be used to make certain events far more special. The accessories that you give to your loved ones at these events will be the vessels of many good memories. A necklace given by your mother may always remind you of the time she said that you have grown up well. Or the ring given to you by your wife will always remind you of the promises you have made to each other.

Jewellery holds places near to our heart, guarding special memories and giving us reasons to smile. Ice Online Jewellery Store is here to give you exactly what you want to give when you want to make an event more memorable, or to give your day some extra positive energy.