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Julianna B: A Story of Passion on Jewellery Making

Jewelleries are decorative accessories worn for adornment. They allow you to express your style and add personality to your look. Others may see jewellery as mere pieces of gems and metals. But to some, they are more than that. If you want to entrust your jewellery needs to people who are passionate about them, look no further than Julianna B.

The Ladies behind Julianna B

Julianna B is the exquisite jewellery line created by the mother and daughter tandem of Julie Gniwisch and Briendy Gansbourg. Julie, the family matriarch, had a very early love affair with jewellery. Her mother’s diamond earrings, which she got for her anniversary, revealed to Julie what beauty and magnificence are. From then on, Julie set her heart on jewelleries. Briendy shares her mother’s love for jewelleries. She was 15 when her mom started Delmar, the family’s over 30-year old jewellery business. Looking at the gorgeous pieces of jewellery hidden at their basement left her in awe as owning all of them one day was the young Briendy’s dream. Together, the two ladies want to share to every woman the bliss that comes with owning the most delicate pieces of jewellery.

From A Lovely Story to Exceptional Designs

Julie’s deep love for jewelleries, especially for pearls, led her to start Delmar at their home basement. Thanks to her innovative designs and unrivalled passion, Delmar grew into one of the most successful jewellery businesses in North America. After almost four decades of creating timeless beauties, Delmar has rebranded and launched Julianna B.

A result of the two’s passion about the process of jewellery-making, Julianna B is their “love child.” Every piece from their collection reflects the elegance and classic charm of Julie, with a touch of fun and modernity of Briendy. Julianna B highlights the masterful fusion of J and B in heart shaped, pear shaped, and marquis gems and diamonds, creating unique and striking designs. The jewellery line blends classic with contemporary and flaunts how beauty transcends generations.

Special Elements of Julianna B Pieces

Julianna B is for tasteful, smart women who take pleasure in appreciating beauty and brandishing style. Julie and Briendy dedicated their time and put their heart into their designs, bringing soul to each of their creation. Their passion for jewelleries allowed them to understand how a piece of jewellery can change a woman’s mood and confidence. They know the thrill from admiring jewellery and the inexplicable pleasure that wearing one brings, and so they make sure that each piece radiates love and empowerment.

This is why they create wonderful pieces that they themselves would yearn to wear. The ladies believe that being and feeling beautiful is the real essence of fashion. Through Julianna B, they want to make beauty accessible and ready for display for all women. Julianna B is a gift of beauty that every lady deserves to own.