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Rose Gold Earrings: A ‘Younger’ Gold

There is no denying the beauty and elegance gold jewellery can offer. Gold jewellery looks beautiful on most skin types and can easily be worn with any clothing style. Gold jewellery make great gifts for birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries. It’s undeniable - gold is classic. However, if you want the sophistication of gold but looking to try something new, something slightly different from the time old yellow – then rose gold jewellery is for you.

Rose gold is a bit more feminine and gives a softer air of elegance to the wearer. It is just as classy as gold pieces of jewellery but are, in a sense, a bit more ‘modern’.

What is Rose Gold?

Other names for rose gold are ‘pink gold’ or ‘red gold’. It is a mixture of yellow gold, except with a high percentage of copper. Rose gold is created by mixing in a lot of copper-coloured alloys with the gold and putting little of silver-coloured alloys. This gives it a pinker colour than the usual yellow gold.

14k yellow gold contains as much pure gold as 14k rose gold. Rose gold has a soft, sophisticated, subtle colour which may intensify with age because of the tarnishing of copper. However, copper may tarnish but it stays just as charming through the years.

Rose Gold Earrings for all tastes

The subtler softer colour of rose gold makes it possible for one to wear gold on a daily basis. You won’t need to worry if it looks too strong, or if it makes you look too dressed up. Rose gold will easily go with anything you put on. And because it is less striking than gold, there are less chances of it clashing with your outfit.

There are a wide variety of rose gold earrings. If you’re into simple touches of sophistication but still want to keep the air of fun and freshness in your look, your best bet will be rose gold stud earrings. These usually come with gemstones embedded in them, or come in cute shapes like hearts, stars, leaves, and even bunnies.

For those who are really into accessorising, dangling rose gold earrings would be best for you. You can choose from different sizes of hoop earrings, or drop earrings which hang below your earlobe. These earrings can make you look like a mix of edgy and classy rolled into one. Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Blake Lively, and Katie Holmes are just some Hollywood celebrities who were reported to be fans of rose gold.

Go ahead and browse Ice Online’s rich collection of rose gold earrings and find the perfect accessories that fit your personality.