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All about Rose Gold and Rose Gold Necklaces

The present-day rose gold is not as bright red as before yet it still has its league of admirers. The vintage era has given birth to a few of the most exceptional rose gold necklaces. But care must be taken for these vintage items. If interested in buying vintage rose gold necklaces, these are the characteristics to watch out for: quality, style, and the time allotted before agreeing on the purchase.

How are Rose Gold Necklaces, Rings and Earrings Created?

The real beauty of rose gold lies not just in its unique pastel colour, and it is imperative for its customers to comprehend how it is actually created.

Gold is known to be a ‘precious metal’ due to its absolute rarity and high value. When in its original and pure state, gold’s colour is deep yellow, as seen in gold bars and gold coins. Unfortunately pure gold is difficult to translate into jewellery because of its malleability. What jewellers do then is combine it with other metals to make it durable to become pieces of jewellery.

One of these combinations is pure gold and copper, resulting to rose gold. The rarity of gold is complimented by the commonality of copper, and this is why the two has been paired throughout history. There is, however, a precise formulation to be followed in order to create 18ct of rose gold: 75 percent pure gold mixed with 25 percent copper. The 14ct rose gold is comprised of 58.3 percent pure gold combined with a mix of silver and copper to retain its soft colour. If silver is not added, the gold turns out a reddish shade.

Different Styles of Rose Gold Necklaces

The different styles of rose gold necklaces remain faithful to its original states in ancient history, especially from the Victorian era. Since rose gold is highly durable, jewellers can come up with heavy pendant necklaces hung onto dainty gold chains. These were popular during the Art Deco period. This also conveys that the necklace can be embellished with heavy gems, as what was common in Victorian era jewellery.

The style of necklaces also differs in terms of length. Rose gold necklaces from both the Victorian era and Art Deco period veered towards the shorter length, compared to the modern day rose gold necklaces. Periods that followed the Victorian and Art Deco eras were a little bit longer, but it is difficult to find very long chains since rose gold was not that much in demand during the latter part of the 20th century.

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