Ice AU - Customer Service


Shmuel Gniwisch

A very successful entrepreneur, Shmuel is the driving force behind "With our years of experience and knowledge, we felt we could develop new relationships with customers all over the world and deliver them genuine value and quality."

Shmuel learned early on the importance of building lasting customer relationships and delivering on your promise of quality product at exceptional value. Shmuel's leadership and focus on the customer is the key to's success.


Managing Director – South-East Asia & Pacific
Prior to launching the South-East Asia & Pacific arm of, Nick worked as an Investment Analyst at leading venture capital firm M. H. Carnegie & Co. By leveraging his family’s long history in the jewellery market, Nick was able to build the largest business in the Jewellery & Watches category on eBay in Australia.

Nick and his team will be on the ground bringing Australia’s leading product range at unrivalled prices. Why shouldn’t jewellery be affordable!

Pinny Gniwisch

Founder, EVP of Business Development & Communications
Pinny is one of the Gurus of Internet marketing. He frequently lectures worldwide at International Internet conferences on a myriad of topics relating to Internet marketing.

Combining his knowledge of the jewellery business and his marketing insights Pinny contributes to making one of the leading jewellers on the Internet. "My goal is to create and deliver an experience that will generate long-term customer relationships."