Ice AU - Customer Service



After working straight out of school as a software developer, Simon and brother Nick Molnar launched Ice Jewellery into Australia which very quickly became Australia's largest pure-play jewellery retailer. Simon's focus has always been the customer and is always prepared to go the extra mile to make sure that no order ever goes amiss.

Simon also has built many skill sets and has worked with a number of key brands to help them grow and discover what they didn't know possible.


Customer Relations Director
Michele has over 30 years in the jewellery industry and is our customers' favourite jewellery expert - both in her knowledge and her devotion to them. Many customers request her specifically given the level of assistance she has provided them before. Michele's jewellery knowledge is second to none and it's thanks to her that the website is always well maintained and well merchandised.


Warehouse Manager
Camilo moved to Australia from Columbia and despite working as an engineer back home, had been working as a cleaner here in Australia. Camilo was introduced to Simon and they've never looked back. Simon noticed Camilo's ability to problem solve and Camilo very quickly became a pillar in the company.

Camilo runs Ice's warehouse, but he always works very closely with our suppliers and customers to make sure all orders are dispatched in a timely manner and that stock levels are accurate. You could say that he keeps the wheels turning at Ice!


Head of Marketing & Influencer Relations
Olivia was poached by Ice after working at JSHeatlh for a number of years. Liv's hard work and devotion to completing every task to absolute perfection means that all of Ice's communications and marketing campaigns are always on point and she never misses a beat.

Olivia has worked closely to make sure that Ice is portrayed and perceived in the way that we hold true. To be authentic. To be genuine. To put the customer first. To be a company who has the true Australian spirit ingrained in us.