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When you shop at Ice, you know you’re getting the real deal.

How? Because every pieces of jewellery at Ice comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, so you never have to worry that you’re getting something of less than stellar quality. This certificate guarantees that your jewellery is made of what we say it’s made of and that the quality and craftsmanship is top notch.


GIA Certified
Ice Online provides a range of products certified by the Gemological Institute of America Inc. (GIA). GIA is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, coloured stones and pearls.

Ice Online’s offers a range of GIA certified products. If a product is certified by GIA, the individual product description will explain that it is certified by GIA. If you need any further information or there is an item you would like GIA certified, please call customer service on 1300 100 423.

DCLA Certified
Any of Ice Online’s diamond products can be certified by the Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA). The DCLA is one of the world’s leading diamond grading and certification labs, providing accurate and independent certificate and grading reports.

Getting a diamond GIA certified does cost and takes an extra 5 business days to have completed. Please feel free to contact customer service on 1300 100 423 for pricing details.

At Ice Online, we aim to provide you with the most confident and enjoyable buying experience. In order to instill this confidence into all of our customers, Ice Online is a proud member of the Jewelers Association of Australia, which ensures we meet the highest standards and ethics in jewellery retail. By retaining this integrity, you can be sure that by shopping at Ice Online, you are always shopping with an honest and ethical retailer.