Ice AU - Customer Service


How to Search

Looking for something special? Here are some tips on how to search Ice to find what you're looking for:

• Enter a type of jewellery OR an item number into the search box to get started

• Searches are not case sensitive, so feel free to use upper or lower case letters (this is not an English test).

• Broader, single word search terms such as "earrings" or "pendants" will return a larger set of results. You'll be able to narrow down your results once you've reached the Search Results page.

• Search will automatically correct misspelled words and/or eliminate unrecognisable words; however, we recommend that you double-check the spelling, in case Search could not interpret the misspelling.

• Your results are displayed on the Search Results page. If your results are more than one page long, use the page number links in the header bar on the top right or bottom right or click on the "Next" link.

• Now you have a nice selection of jewellery related to what you're looking for. Next you need to narrow down your results.

• Use the filters on the left hand side of the page to help you. These links reflect attributes of your search term, indicate the number of related items, and will allow you to be more specific about what you are searching for.

• For example, if you search for rings you will be able to narrow down your results by a price range or a particular colour of gold.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? One of our Customer Care Representatives will be happy to help you find that special something. Give us a shout at 1300 100 423 or email