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Ice's Policy on Conflict Diamonds

"'Diamonds are forever it is often said. But lives are not.
We must spare people the ordeal of war, mutilations and death
for the sake of conflict diamonds."

-- Martin Chungong Ayafor,
Chairman of the Sierra Leone
Panel of Experts

At Ice, we make every effort, as do our suppliers, to ensure that we do not knowingly purchase or sell any conflict diamonds. We buy only from suppliers who guarantee that their diamonds are from sources free from conflict.

Conflict diamonds, (a.k.a. Blood Diamonds, for those not entirely familiar with the term or those who didn't catch the 2006 movie "Blood Diamond" with Leonardo DiCaprio), refer to diamonds mined in war zones, primarily in Central and West Africa, whose profit is used to finance illegal operations of rebel, military or terrorist movements or their allies, aimed at overtaking legitimate government.

Furthermore, at Ice we comply with the Kimberly Process, a UN-mandated international certification program aimed to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds while helping to protect the legitimate trade of rough diamonds.

As a result of the Kimberly Process, passed in 2003, jewellery companies like Ice, and customers like you, about 99% of the world's diamond-trade is now conflict-free.

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