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Birthstone Jewellery: Information About Birthstone Jewellery At Ice

We know two things for sure. You have a birthday, and there's a birthstone for the month you were born. Some believe that the symbolism associated with their birthstone reflects their own personality, and for them birthstone jewellery has a mystical significance. Others think birthstones are kind of fun, and think their birthstone jewellery is about as significant as their Scorpio coffee cup.

Whatever your outlook, Ice has heaps of stylish birthstone jewellery for you to choose from. Endued with mystical power? Maybe. Fashionable? Absolutely! August birthday? There's a peridot ring with your name on it. Delivered in December ? Those blue topaz earrings match your eyes to a T.

News alert: birthstone jewellery makes a great birthday gift. Okay, you knew that. But maybe you didn't know which gemstone goes with which month. All taken care of: use our birthstone chart to look up which birthstone goes with which lucky gift recipient, and get shopping!

How to Wear Birthstones and Show Class

Birthstones are gemstones popularly used as jewelleries that provide protection and attract good luck. Whether this is true or not, most people do know the birthstone associated with their birth month. However, not everyone knows how to wear their precious birthstones appropriately. Don’t worry, Ice Online offers some tips here.

A Little Bit of Birthstones History

Birthstones were originally introduced in the bible, particularly the Book of Exodus. The first recorded use of birthstones was by Aaron, a high priest. According to records, he had a breast plate with 12 jewels embedded in it. In 1400 BC, the Assyrians used rare stones and believed them to have magical properties. Gemstones were believed to contain unique forces or powers.

Later on, gems were associated with different zodiac signs and colours. People, then, had experts on the secret relationship between humans and the world, and astrology. These experts study the effects of the position of the planets to a person’s moment of birth. When the effect is found to be disturbing, the person will be encouraged to wear a particular gemstone to neutralise the negative effect. Because of this, people began to attribute gemstones to calendar months and specific colours which were believed to unleash the force or power within the stone.

How Birthstones Affect a Person

Today, birthstones are used for aesthetic purposes. However, there are still a few people who believe that the placement of the stones on one’s body still affects that person on a daily basis. See how your birthstone will affect yourself.

  • It can energise. A birthstone can stabilise the chakras within and surrounding the body.
  • It can magnetise. Birthstones allow body cells to have a healthy relationship with each other.
  • It can help you like Yoda. It can help you find balance, inner peace, and stability.
  • It can make you fit. Although not to the point of getting your abs without exercise, but birthstones can help in energy conservation and increase the body’s warmth.
  • It can protect. Birthstones can prevent mental and psychic influences.

Wearing your Birthstones Correctly

To harness the powers within your birthstones, they should be worn properly and in the correct placement. Here are some tips on how to wear birthstones.

As a Pendant

The birthstone should hang in alignment with the pectoral bone. You can also place it at your throat or heart chakras.

As a Ring

Birthstones are perfect as gemstones on rings. However, you should be careful on which finger you will put the ring. Pinkie finger is for attracting life force. Ring finger is for accomplishing your aspirations. Middle finger is to affirm personality. Forefinger is for self-control. Thumb is for strength and concentration.

As a Bracelet

Similar to how birthstones are worn as rings, the hand on which you wear the bracelet will affect you differently. Wearing it on the left is for attracting openness and wisdom while wearing it on the right is for self-affirmation.

How do you prefer to wear your birthstone? Visit Ice Online Australia for pendants, rings, and bracelets with birthstones. You’ll love our wide selection of genuine accessories here.