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Working a Fantastic Wardrobe with August Birthstone

Vibrant is the word that best describes the August birthstone, peridot. The name peridot is derived from the French word ‘peritot’ which means gold in English. Although peridots come in lime green to yellow brownish colours, the stone has golden undertones, hence, the name.

This August birthstone can be found in Arizona, China, Myanmar, and Pakistan but it is very difficult to get a hand on it. It is formed deep down the Earth and only brought to the surface through volcanoes. Peridot gems smaller than three carats may be easier to find but stones bigger than five carats are very rare and expensive.

Peridot is believed to be a gift from Mother Nature because of its signature, vibrant lime green colour. It is said that this gem can protect its wearer from nightmares while instilling power and influence. Although peridot is an August birthstone, individuals born between July 23 and August 22 under the zodiac sign ‘Leo’ are also encouraged to wear peridot.

August Birthstone: Properties of the Peridot

Peridot is not just all about vibrancy and colour. This August birthstone is associated with love, faithfulness, loyalty, and truthfulness. It is also believed to bring fame and protection. Aside from all these, peridot is also believed to have healing properties particularly in healing problems of the lung, lymph, and breast. Its colour is used to enhance prosperity and growth.

August Birthstone in your Wardrobe

For some people, peridot may be a little hard to wear because of its extraordinarily vibrant colour and intimidating liveliness. Here are a few tips to bring balance into your wardrobe even while wearing the August birthstone.

Bring that pop of colour

One sure way to effortlessly blend this August birthstone into your daily look is to combine it with neutral wardrobe sets. White, beige, black, and navy blue suits can take a little help from a peridot brooch to bring a pop of colour to your look. Be careful not to go overboard though. Try to keep peridot jewellery to a maximum of two pieces. A peridot ring and a pair of earrings will create a balanced interesting look.

Earth look for lazy days

The green colour and golden tones of this August birthstone make it suitable for earthly looks. Pair your peridot with earth tones like brown or taupe. It can even work with nature’s patterns, such as zebra, tiger stripes, or floral.

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