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Celebrating Life with July Birthstone

It has been a tradition worldwide to associate and delegate gemstones and precious stones with each month of the year. For instance, the birthstone for May is emerald, while newborn babies of August get a peridot as their birthstone. Most of the time, birthstones are often used in personal jewellery like rings, bracelets or pendants.

The origin of birthstones is believed to date back to the setting of the Old Testament. Moses’s brother, Aaron, wore a breastplate that flaunted 12 gemstones symbolising Israeli tribes. Since the discovery of such association to history, birthstones have been a staple concept in jewellery making.

July Birthstone for a Passionate you

There is no special way to show your love than by giving a July birthstone to your July-born loved ones. This July birthstone is known as ruby, a red variety of the multi-coloured gems species called corundum. Ruby was called the "king of precious stones" because of its lustre, value, and durability.

This July birthstone is said to wake up the senses, rouse the imagination, and fill life with great passion and vivacity. This July birthstone is said to secure good health, incomparable wisdom, wealth, and success both in love and in life. It is harder than any natural gemstone, making this July birthstone a durable companion for everyday wear.

Fine-quality ruby is extremely rare and valuable. Two elements are associated with the fiery colour of this July birthstone: fire and blood. It only implies that from any ruby-made bijou will flow warmth and life for humankind. Any jewellery set with precious rubies is a witness to an unbridled love that people can feel for each other.

Live a Life Full of Love with a July Birthstone

As it is in the poem of an unknown author, “The glowing ruby shall adorn, those who in July are born.” Only a July birthstone from Ice Online Australia can work magic in your daily life. Our ruby jewellery pieces are the ultimate symbol of love and life. Beautiful engagement rings, dress rings, bracelets, pendants, and ruby earrings comprise Ice Online’s July birthstone collection.

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