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The Timeless Appeal of the June Birthstone

Those who celebrate their birthdays in June are very special as they have two gems for their birthstones: the pearl and the alexandrite. The pearl has been used for a long time now, while alexandrite was just discovered recently. This June birthstone is frequently referenced in mythology, history, and even in biblical scriptures.

People from ancient times associated pearls with the moon, and believed them to have magical properties. The ancient Greeks, in particular, held pearls in high regard because they believed they were formed from the hardened tears of Aphrodite. In the Bible, the gates of heaven were believed to be made of pearl, hence the term “Pearly Gates.”

The Natural Wonder of the June Birthstone

Pearls have been in existence long before any cut stone has been. Of all the gemstones, the pearl is the most natural. While other gemstones have to be mined from mineral deposits, as well as cut and polished to perfection, the pearl does not have to go through any of these processes. It is at its most beautiful in its most natural state. Its incandescent lustre and iridescence make it a very popular piece of jewellery.

No two pearls are alike, and this unique character is the reason why women all over the world highly favour the June birthstone over the other gemstones. Pearls are available in a variety of colours and sizes, depending on the sea environment they came from. So aside from the milky white colour you would often associate with pearls, you can also have your pick of silver, green, and black pearls, among others.

The Healing Properties of the June Birthstone

The pearl is believed to have healing properties that can help relieve people who are suffering from diseases related to the stomach and the heart. It has been said to help purge the body of its toxins and promote a healthy digestive system.

If you are a woman who likes understated and refined elegance, then pearl jewellery is the perfect fit for you. A little black dress would go a long way simply by accessorising it with pearl earrings. An elegant evening dress outfit would be set off with a pearl necklace.

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