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The Experience of Rebirth with May Birthstone

As the May birthstone, emerald has been an active symbol of rebirth. It grants the wearer lasting youth, good fortune, and intuition. Derived from “smaragus”, a Greek word that means “green”, Emerald was first mined in 330 BC in Egypt.

Today, most of the world’s emeralds are mined in many parts of the world, including countries in Africa, South America, and Middle East.

May Birthstone: The Jewellery of the Royals

The May birthstone radiates the rich, vivid green colour of spring. This green variety of beryl gem stones is valued as a precious stone. Traditionally associated with fertility, emerald is also considered to be a symbol of rebirth, love, and unparalleled beauty. The presently known May birthstone was dedicated by Roman believers to the goddess of love and beauty, Venus.

Kings and queens loved emeralds and showed a desperate desire to get their claws on these beautiful stones. No doubt, the May birthstone is coveted by royalty since time immemorial. Members of the court and the palace used emeralds during the Victorian period as jewel pieces and ornaments. It has been a symbol of power, wealth, and worth in ancient history.

The striking cool shade of the May birthstone was one of Cleopatra’s favourite and most treasured gems. Royalties hire expert miners and send them to different places just to acquire emeralds. The May birthstone is filled with nurturing and healing qualities. Truly, emerald suits perfectly those born under the month of May. Its cuts and stunning lustre mirror people who have characteristics of loyalty, faithfulness.

People who use alternative medicine in the form of healing crystals know that the May birthstone is a real treasure. According to metaphysical specialist, it increases peace of mind and ability of reasoning and spirituality. It can also grant the owner an analytic and intellectual prowess, as well as sharp memory and great wit. Since it is the crystal of fertility, it can also reduce labour time and pain, while regulating blood circulation.

May Birthstone: A Versatile Gift for a Loved One

Ice Online Australia houses different varieties of the May birthstone that can be a lovely gift option. Our emeralds are displayed in a wide spectrum of shades and tones of green. Having a slight tint of either blue or yellow, each emerald piece from Ice Online is truly for keeps.

Whether you want a deep green or an ocean green for your own emerald piece, Ice Online has everything polished for you. Experience intense clarity and enduring lustre with Ice Online’s May birthstone accessories!