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A November Birthstone for Your Special Someone

Topaz, the November birthstone, can be worn by both men and women. The gem is often associated with amber gold colour because the ancient Egyptians and Romans believed them to be a gift from the sun god. Topaz was also believed to have the power to protect and heal. However, golden is not the only colour of this November birthstone. It also comes in yellow, blushing pink, sherry red, imperial topaz, blue, and colourless.

Jewelleries adorned with topaz can be a great gift for anyone celebrating their birthday on November. This November birthstone is very durable, stunning, and surprisingly affordable.

Durable November Birthstone

Although gemstones are practically mere rock formations or formations from extremely tough minerals, they are always graded on durability. Durability reveals how well a gem can get through ordinary wear and tear. Durability is often measured based on a gemstone’s hardness. The November birthstone topaz is no exception.

Topaz is, generally, a very hard mineral. It even scores 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The hardness of this gem makes it a great choice for men who do not enjoy the nitty-gritty details of taking care of jewellery. However, when you look at this November birthstone closely, you will notice that it has a perfect basal cleavage which makes it vulnerable to breakage. Hence, cuff links, rings, or brooch with topaz are the best pieces for men.

The Beauty of a November Birthstone is in the Colour

Topaz comes in different shades but the most expensive is imperial topaz. It has a reddish pleochroic colour in its tip and a yellowish orange colour in its body. Although this can also be worn by men, the blue topaz is more preferred by the testosterones.

There are three shades of blue: light blue or sky blue topaz which looks a lot like aquamarine, Swiss blue topaz which is brighter, and deep London blue topaz. The latter is the most expensive and most sought after November birthstone for men.

White or colourless topaz is also preferred by many. It is versatile and cheaper than any other colour. Moreover, white is sometimes treated to bring out a unique hue. Whenever you buy topaz for your significant other, always make sure to choose a good design and metal. The right metal can improve the beauty, radiance, and overall appearance of the gem.

Affordable November Birthstone

Topaz, despite of its hardness and beauty, are much less expensive than it looks. Depending on the carat, there are some topaz rings that are barely above $100. However, if you want to purchase a cheaper but genuine November birthstone, you can go for coated topaz or mystic topaz. It is also topaz, but the colour is not the real colour of the gem. It is merely painted on its surface. Ask help from your jeweller to make an informed decision when buying a special November birthstone gift for your special someone.

Topaz works are well suited to anyone because they are durable, elegant, and affordable. Visit Ice Online Australia for pendants, rings, and bracelets featuring your November birthstone!