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The Magnificence of the September Birthstone

At a glance, sapphires can take your breath away with their natural beauty. Made by nature over hundreds—even thousands of years—the value and universal appeal of these stones speak for themselves. Each perfectly polished facet which reflects light immediately catches the attention of anyone looking in. There’s certainly more to this gemstone than its looks and it has an interesting historical background that jewellery aficionados ought to know!

Next to diamonds, the September birthstone is the second hardest mineral which is why sapphires are widely used as engagement and wedding rings. They symbolise the unbreakable vows exchanged with your significant other that can weather any storm and stand the test of time.

The Many Facets of the September Birthstone

Whenever the word “sapphire” is mentioned, your mind will immediately think of the colour blue – the deep blues of the ocean or the blue hues of dusk. However, the presence of other elements in a natural sapphire would result in various colours. Sapphires may have iron, chromium, titanium, magnesium, and copper traces in them which may result in a reaction with corundum that would give sapphires their blue, purple, yellow, green, or orange colours.

Like other stones, sapphires may also be treated to help improve their colour and clarity. This helps further increase their natural beauty. Heating is a common treatment method to enhance the colour and remove stone inclusions or trapped foreign minerals, and most sapphires used for jewellery pieces have been heated. They can also undergo diffusion treatment which changes the natural colour of the stone to produce fancy colours like bright yellows, bright oranges, deeper blues, and even orange-reds. The vibrancy of the stone’s colour would depend on the kind of treatment it receives.

Facts About the September Birthstone

  • A sapphire stone may bring spiritual enlightenment and peace of mind to the wearer.
  • The September birthstone is strongly associated with royalty; hence, it is constantly used in crafting jewellery for royal families. The British Crown Jewels is a great example of this. Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a sapphire engagement ring when he proposed.
  • The sapphire is believed to give health benefits as well. Many people believed that it can remove eye impurities and cure a sore throat.

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