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From Cure to Fashion Staple: Crystal Jewellery

Dress up with crystal jewellery to look chic and dainty. Whether it is a pair of dangling earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet, it will surely add brilliance to your ensemble. This is because crystals have a way of catching light. Wearing them as an accessory is a thoughtful, nice touch: at night when you are likely to stay under synthetic lights; or at daytime when the sun's rays can hit the stones and cast a glimmer.

Crystal Jewellery: Belief in Crystal's Healing Properties

Crystal jewellery come in many styles, just as the mineral has many facets. It is also believed to possess healing properties. This belief may be traced from its roots with the islanders of Hawaii and the Hopi Native Americans of Arizona. Practitioners position crystals according to the body's energy points. Those who use them as an ornament themselves may learn about these points if they are keen on pursuing this belief. But up to now, there is no known literature to back up the physical benefits of crystal healing – but crystals definitely have a place in the personal adornment department.

Stand Out with Crystal Jewellery

Aside from their supernatural capabilities that stem from the stone, going out with crystal jewellery is definitely a way to help you stand out from the crowd. You can catch the attention of people just by sashaying confidently into a room with a pair of dangling crystal on your ears, or a crystal pendant hanging on a chain on your neck. If you are the type who embraces the spotlight as if you were born with it, this is your moment to shine.

It is just a matter of picking the right piece of crystal jewellery for the said moment. Is it a business dinner party where executives and such enterprising spirits are present? Is it a media event where you are likely to meet high-profile individuals such as movie, TV, and sports celebrities? Or is it a simple yet formal dinner with the higher-ups of the company you work for? Let your jewellery mix and match complement your style, which should embody elegance, confidence, and power.

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