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Cufflinks: Your Fashion Best friend

Who says that the common and permanent parts of your clothing such as buttons, zippers, pins, etc. are boring? With cufflinks, you can spice up these clothing necessities and accent your personal style. Men have been using cufflinks as early as the 1600s. Cufflinks are used as a support or replacement for shirt buttons. Cufflinks are typically used for men’s shirt but a lot of people are now able to incorporate cufflinks with more than just shirts for men.

Amazing Uses of Cufflinks

There are so many things that you can do with cufflinks. The wonderful thing about fashion is that you can play around with these accessories to turn a boring outfit into something new and fresh. With cufflinks, you can use them in so many ways depending on your need, preference and personal style. Here are some of the many uses of cufflinks that you can do with Ice Online’s cufflink collection:

Replacement for shirt buttons

There’s nothing better than adding your own personal touch to your plain shirts. Cufflinks definitely gives off a more elegant and classic feel to your shirts. What’s so good about cufflinks is that there is a small chance that there is someone out there wearing the same cufflinks. Out of the various and many cufflinks in our collection, you are sure to have the personalised and customised feel with your clothing and style.

Cufflinks for formal wear

You can’t deny that whenever you attend a formal event, you always want to look perfect. Not in the hopes to standout, but to exude confidence in your formal wear. Whether you are wearing a suit or a formal gown, cufflinks can go anywhere you want it to be. For men, you can wear black or silver cufflinks to emphasise the strong and bold colour of your suit. For women, you can strategically add cufflinks to your dress and it would definitely highlight your outfit.

Statement jewellery

In Ice Online, we also customise jewelleries to suit your own liking. Make a statement or show your support by wearing your customised cufflinks to different events. Cufflinks are very flexible; you can wear them anytime you want – be it a casual or formal event.

Style of Cufflinks for You

One of the most common and well loved by our customers is the bullet back closure cufflink. It has a bullet shape capsule that is in between two posts. This is very easy to wear, you just secure it with a flip and your cufflink is well in place. Check out our really fun Pastiche Compass in Steel for the adventurous side of you.

At Ice Online, there’s a wide selection of cufflinks for everyone. Browse our collection today and find the perfect accessories for you or your loved one!