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Money Clips: The Fashionable Alternative to Wallets

Money clips are a lightweight substitute for wallets. It gained popularity during the 20th century, when paper money was used more frequently than coins. Men from the upper class or upper middle class commonly used it, and it even became a symbol of -wealth and status back in the day.

In modern times, money clips are made of different materials like metal, silver, gold, and platinum, to name a few. Generally, it looks like a piece of metal folded in half. Cash and even credit cards can be wedged in between the two sides of the clip. Money clips now come in different designs and have become more affordable, which is why a lot of men are starting to favour them over wallets.

Reasons to Start Using Money Clips

The main advantage of money clips is that it is lightweight and compact but is still highly functional. Although wallets are not "heavy", they can be bulky when men put their wallets in their back or front pockets. The square shape can be very visible making it an easy target for pickpockets. With money clips, you don't have to worry about this. You don't use membership cards, different receipts, and health cards every time you go out, so it's okay not to bring them with you.

When you are walking around or attending an event, you can just bring essentials like a few bills, a credit card or two, and maybe an identification card. You can clip them altogether using a fashionable money clip and put it in your pocket. The clip keeps all your essentials together while being inconspicuous inside your pocket.

How To Use Money Clips Properly

Using money clips seems easy enough, but if you don't use it correctly, your money and cards will be all over the place and you will have a hard time finding certain bills. The following are some tips on how to properly use your money clip.

First, arrange your money in such a way that the bigger denominations are at the bottom and the smaller ones are on top. When you fold the stack over, you know that the bills become smaller as you go from the outer to the inner part. If you want to bring more money but the stack is too thick, then use larger denominations instead of several small ones.

Next, place the money clip starting from the folded side and make sure it is secured. If you want to add credit cards or IDs, place them between the folded parts, not outside, to keep them safe. This arrangement makes it easy for you to locate your bills and keeps everything tight and secured.

At Ice Online, you can find money clips with different shapes and designs. They are perfect for personal use or as an extra special gift. Check out our collection today for a glimpse of our collection!