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Top 10 Gift-Buying Tips
Top 10 Gift-Buying Tips
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Think of her personality. Is she classic or fashion-forward?

Style of dress and personality usually go hand-in-hand. So, if she's conservative, you may want to consider classic touches such as a fine set of pearl , or . If she's more of a trend-setter, have a look at fashion-forward themes, like Black Diamonds or Silver Jewellery.

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Match the current style of her jewellery.

Get her something that fits right in with what she already has. Does she wear gold or silver jewellery? Is her jewellery big and bold, or more classic and understated?

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Analyze her lifestyle. Is she casual or dressy?

Her lifestyle is another valuable cue to help you pick the perfect jewellery gift for her. Choose accordingly. If she's a corporate jet-setter, how about a sleek watch or bold gemstone ring ? Or, if she's more comfortable wearing jeans and a sweater on a night out, a gold or silver bangle bracelet might be just what Santa ordered!

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Listen for hints. Go 'fishing'.

Chances are she's already telling you what she'd like... are you listening? Don't be afraid to 'fish' for cues by engaging her in trivial conversations. It could save you a lot of time!

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Is her collection 'more of less' or 'less of more'?

Does she have a lot of jewellery, or is her collection smaller and more quality focused? If her collection is more quality than quantity, you'd be wise to keep that focus and shop for top quality, higher-end pieces.

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Get her a 'must-have' she doesn't have, like pearls, studs, or a watch.

'Must-have' jewellery typically refers to items considered to be classics or staples. Examples include hoop earrings , stud earrings , tennis bracelets , pearls, and diamond jewellery,

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Think of her colour scheme.

Simplistic as it may seem, remember to consider colour as a factor in your search. If you don't already know her favorite shade, find out! Also, consider using her eye and/or hair colour as guides to help narrow your search for the perfect gift.

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Know your budget.

If you have an idea of how much you're willing to spend it could save you lots of time and footwork. Shop by price and, if necessary, allow yourself an extra 10% to splurge on the perfect piece that's just a tad more than you had budgeted for.


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Begin your search early. The sooner the better!

Waiting until the last minute may force you to make poor choices. By starting early, you'll be able to take your time to make a more informed decision.

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Why not recruit the opinions of her girlfriends or family?

They'll love helping you shop for her , and you'll be surprised by their insights!