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Unearthing the Mysteries of Celtic Crosses

Jewelleries have myriad purposes. They are not only worn for beauty and decorative uses but also for religious functions. Religious jewelleries are mostly worn by Christians who want to use jewelleries as an apparent representation of their faith. Among the most popular religious symbols that come in various jewelleries include Celtic crosses. Visually, Celtic crosses come with a simple design in which there is a ring in the centre of a cross. Celtic crosses are often seen in churches, cemeteries and other religious sites.

Celtic Crosses: The Origin

Celtic cross is a living symbol of Celtic Christianity. However, a lot of people argue over the real origin of Celtic crosses. Some people believe that the Celtic cross was introduced by St. Patrick in Ireland when he converted the pagan kings to Christians. On the other hand, some argue that St. Declan introduced it. The Celtic cross is very mysterious and people have different theories about its origin. Most people believe that the sun in the Celtic cross was taken by St. Patrick and had it merged with the cross. Some even believe that the Celtic cross is another Druid symbol that exemplifies the pre-eminence of Christ.

Celtic Crosses: Signs and Symbolism

Though Celtic crosses were simply designed, they have lots of representation and symbolism. For one, it is believed that the ring in the centre of the cross symbolises sun. The sun represents light which may signify the faith of Christians and the bright future of Christianity.

Celtic crosses are also believed to represent the successive stages of the day while the four arms of cross symbolise the four directions – north, east, west and south. Celtic crosses are also associated to life, hope, honour, balance, unity, temperance, ascension, transition and navigation. Celtic crosses deals with navigations like spiritual navigation, cyclical navigation and time navigation.

While Celtic crosses are sacred to Christians, they are also an important part of their everyday accessories. Thus, Celtic crosses were made as fine jewelleries not only for representation of faith but also to spruce up anyone’s fashion.

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