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A Mariner Cross for Good Luck

A mariner cross is a variety of the cross-shaped pendant. The protrusion at the bottom makes it look like an anchor, that’s why it’s more commonly known as anchored cross. It is a reminder of the sea. Sailors regard this as a good luck charm for safe voyages. Even if you’re not travelling by sea, you can wear this as good luck pendant. You can also attach this as a dangling trinket in your bracelet, if you will.

It is associated with St. Clement, the patron saint of mariners. As the story goes, St. Clement was thrown into the sea with an iron anchor tied to his neck. He was punished for professing his faith during the time when Christianity was still prohibited in Rome. Today, mariner crosses stand for hope and faith. It is an allusion to St. Clement who did not forego his Christian beliefs while he was helpless at sea.

Benefits Of Treating A Mariner Cross As An Asset

Just because it doesn’t come in the form of coins and bills doesn’t mean it is not an investment. It is a precious object that costs more than your typical fancy bodily ornament. Auction houses, antique stores, and boutique shops vie for the best jewellery. Its valuation depends on what it is made of, its style, and sometimes even for its provenance. You’ll acquire something of great value when you have a mariner cross. Ice Online’s mariner crosses come in 14k gold and some are even two-toned and tri-coloured.

Thinking of the future

Change your financial mindset and think of jewellery as an investment. It is not just an object of frivolity. It may be frivolous to some extent but it will cease to be like that if you think of its value after many years.

It can be likened to wine. The older it gets, the better. Since Ice Online’s mariner crosses are made of gold, it is considered more rare through time. Often times, gold is hard to come by. The status of supply is finicky. Although there may be abundance of gold in countries in the Middle East, it doesn’t mean that it’s the same for the rest of the world. It comes from a limited source. This is the most sensible reason why gold doesn’t depreciate.

Check out what’s in store at Ice Online and find the best mariner cross to gift yourself or your loved one.