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Classic and Authentic Amethyst & Diamond Pendants

Jewellery with a combination of amethyst and diamond gemstones are a must-have for every woman looking to glam up their personal style every day. The combination of the two in a statement piece has been proven to transform a simple look to a head-turning one.

Affordable Glamour With Amethyst

The amethyst is a stunningly beautiful bluish-purple gemstone, simply captivating and perfect for any occasion. Though it may have that expensive vibe, this gemstone is more affordable as compared to sapphire.

Amethyst is also known for its versatility. Its bluish purple colour can complement variety of outfits, especially clothes with colours like blue, green, white, and yellow. It's the main reason why jewellery with amethyst remains as a popular choice amongst fashion forward women of today.

Wear Timeless Elegance with Amethyst & Diamond Pendants

A combination of amethyst and diamonds is sure to create a beautiful pendant. These two gemstones are undoubtedly an eye-catching pair, perfect for transforming your day from ordinary to extraordinary.

Amethyst and diamond pendants are extremely versatile, too. If you're looking to make a fashion statement with playful but definitely stunning amethyst & diamond pendant, there's a variety of choices to adorn your neckline here at Ice Online. This beautiful pairing of gemstones can complement any of your outfit and can be used for casual outings or elegant occasions.

Some diamond pendants are dramatic enough to deserve a red carpet entrance while some are small but still make you shine the brightest when you wear them. If you are in search of a more personalised amethyst & diamond pendant to go with your necklace, there are pendants which feature shapes and themes that never go out of style. And with diamond as one of the hardest gemstone, you can count for its beauty to last the test of time.

Ice Online is Your Trusted Jeweller of Choice

Ice Online has been in the business of selling authentic and genuine jewellery for decades. We have gemstones of all kinds, including the captivating amethyst and the priced diamonds.

We have a huge selection of jewellery with amethyst and diamond gemstones, carefully chosen from only the trusted and reliable suppliers. Take a pick from a variety of amethyst and diamond pendants featured in our online store.