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Exude Epic Beauty with Blue Topaz & Diamond Pendants

Timeless elegance and lasting endurance. That's what women is guaranteed by wearing a necklace with blue topaz & diamond pendants.

Blue topaz and diamonds are two of the most highly priced and most stunningly breathtaking gemstones of all. Wearing both in one piece is simply divine and unforgettable.

The Beautiful Meaning of Topaz

In traditional Vedic astrology, Hindi people believe that wearing jewellery with blue topaz helps the spiritualists to focus while meditating. It's also been said that the beautiful gemstone aids in enabling the wearer to communicate effectively. Ancient Greeks believed that topaz increases the strength and power of the wearer.

There are three different shades of topaz: cool Swiss blue, deep London blue, and pale sky blue. The icy blue shade signifies quiet and calm. Because of its colour, topaz necklaces are made with yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, platinum, and white gold. It complements all of these materials so you are sure to shine with this divine jewellery wherever you go.

Whether you believe in this gemstone's amazing power or not, the surest thing of all is the blue topaz' symbolism of love loyalty, and eternal promise of attachment. This is why it's always been given as a gift to a special someone or a special friend.

Choosing Diamond Pendants to go with your Blue Topaz Necklace

The blue topaz is a stunning statement piece in itself. Add diamonds you're sure to get people to double take just to get a glimpse of you.

When choosing a blue topaz & diamond pendant, you have to first decide on the shape. Depending on your personal preferences and taste, there are varying shapes and styles that you can choose from. It's important to note that the shape will determine the diamond's cut. The setting of the blue topaz and diamonds in the pendant should be perfectly secured for safety purposes. If you want just enough rocks to be seen, you can go with bezel setting.

On the other hand, if you want to show off your blue topaz & diamond pendant, prong setting will be more suitable for you. Lastly, you have to choose the size of the gemstone. This would heavily depend on your budget as the bigger the diamond, the more expensive it can be.

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