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Stand Out With A Citrine & Diamond Pendant

Citrine is a variety of the mineral Quartz. It can be found in many parts of Europe, South America, South Africa, and Russia. Apart from being faceted as jewellery, mineral collectors fancy this as an object of curiosity. It is even sold in gift shops because of its fascinating shades of yellow, yellow-orange, and dark brown.

Citrine & Diamond Pendants For Special Occasions

If you’re fond of fine jewellery, you have to have this in your collection. Citrine, a yellow gemstone, is not so common. There are yellow sapphires and diamonds, but those can be too expensive. It can be the topic of conversations and you can differentiate yourself from the rest by wearing this rare coloured gem. Adorn yourself with this gemstone and you’ll be the most interesting person in the room.

A citrine & diamond pendant always adds a lovely touch. It is a sparkly jewellery that will shimmer on your neckline throughout the whole night. This light, lemony shade of yellow will definitely make you look more special. Anyone who wears citrine will convey a bright and lively energy. This is compared to deeper colours such as jade or emerald, which express a more serious attitude.

Citrine Works Well With Various Colours

They say that any neutral shade goes well with any colour in the colour wheel. This fashion tip can also be applied in wearing jewellery. Citrine can look exceptionally vibrant if you wear black, white, or grey.

As a general tip, use complementary colours on the colour wheel. As an example of following this rule, a citrine & diamond pendant will look good if you wear a purple shirt or top. The contrast will bring out the best of both colours. Don’t forget to apply this colour-coordinating advice every time you pick out your accessory for the day.

Try something new by getting a citrine & diamond pendant. Give this to the person/people you fancy; they will truly appreciate the gesture. It is a memorable present, since it cannot be found easily.

If you’ve been planning to get this one-of-a-kind item, pick among Ice Online’s selections. They have a heart-shaped citrine & diamond pendant that hangs on a silver cable chain. The wearer can let her hair down while wearing this, as it won’t kink when it comes in contact with hair strands.