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Be the Envy of Everyone with Emerald & Diamond Pendants

Who cannot resist looking at people sporting emerald and diamond pendants? Who will not swoon over these classy pieces that exude so much sophistication? The blinding radiance of emerald paired with the striking glitter of diamonds will leave any beholder in awe.

Celebrate Momentous Occasions With Emerald & Diamond Pendants

Emerald is said to be the gem of spring. Its green hues remind people of the vast meadows and luscious forests. The gem therefore brings about an incredible feeling of freshness, calm, and peace that blue green rivers likewise create.

As a symbol of spring, emerald is equated to “rebirth” and is believed to give the gem’s wearer clarity, foresight, prosperity, and youth. Emerald is also the birthstone of those born in May. It is likewise representative of the astrological signs of Gemini, Taurus, and Cancer. 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries are often themed with blue and green colours since emerald is the gemstone for these occasions.

On the other hand, diamond is the birthstone of those born in April. It has been labelled as the ultimate symbol of eternal love. That is why it is believed to give its wearer inner strength and the fortune to encounter good relationships. Diamond is also associated to balance and prosperity like emerald, making the two a perfect combination. 60th wedding anniversaries have diamond for its traditional gemstone.

How To Pick Emerald & Diamond Pendants

When choosing emerald & diamond pendants, always remember to pick the genuine ones. Nothing beats the glow that real emerald & diamond pendants exude. Do not be deceived into buying low-priced pendants just because they are cheap or purportedly on sale.

Do remember that gemstones are only worthy of investment if their quality is astounding. For instance, flawless emeralds are rare since emeralds are known to possess surface breaking fissures and inclusions. When you find one, you must grab the rare chance and make your dollar count. A lot of commercial jewellery out there sell impure or fake emeralds and diamonds. While they sparkle just the same, jewellery experts and keen observers will easily notice their true value and worth even at first glance. Why settle for cheap pendants that make you less glamorous than you already are?

All our emerald & diamond pendants are genuine and were picked out especially for our customers who deserve only the best. Browse our catalogue now and see for yourself!