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Exude Purity And Innocence With Pearl & Diamond Pendants

Like diamonds, pearls are one of the oldest gems dating back to the ancient times. They are considered very valuable for the fact that unlike all gems, they are organic. Pearls come from oysters and molluscs, which are both living things. But this is not the only reason why pearls are considered as treasures by women.

Why Pearl & Diamond Pendants are Highly Sought for

The mysterious allure of pearl combined with diamond’s elegance make pearl & diamond pendants very appealing. For those whose birthday falls on either of these months: February, April, June, July, and November, pearl is your birthstone. It is also the gemstone for astrological signs Gemini and Cancer.

Pearl is often associated with the moon. In fact, some people romantically dub pearls as “teardrops of the moon”. While pearl is the symbol of purity and innocence, diamond is the symbol of eternal love. This makes pearl & diamond pendants popular among brides. Those celebrating their third and thirtieth wedding anniversaries also go for pearl & diamond pendants.

How To Choose Pearl & Diamond Pendants

For a person with little knowledge about pearls, buying one can be quite a task. At Ice Online, we make our customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience by providing them a variety of options. We even go as far as giving them practical and wise tips. Here are just some:

When dealing with pearls, never forget to consider the shape. Usually, round pearls are valued the most so they can be pricey. Baroque and off-round pearls are equally stunning and comes at a lower price.

Check the surface of the pearl. It should be as clean as possible. The surface of the pearl affects its lustre. Poor surface equates to a dull sheen. Remember that high quality pearls are valued for being lustrous. Their radiance is what makes them the apple of the eye of women all over the world.

Size is also an important factor when it comes to pearls. Usually, women of advanced age are regarded as having the “right” to wear big pearls. However, the golden rule is to pick 7mm and above for adult women. Teenagers are expected to wear smaller ones.

Buy only from a reputable retailer such as Ice Online. You can be assured that our peals do not only look great in photographs. Under natural lighting, our pearls are even more stunning! The diamonds that line our pearls are also of the finest quality, thereby producing the best pearl & diamond pendants every girl would wish for.

Check out our catalogue today to see for yourself the many available variations of pearl & diamond pendants. There surely is one that fits you or your loved one perfectly well!