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A Leap Of Sophistication Ruby & Diamond Pendants

Rubies are blood red gemstones priced for their shimmering light and unmatched striking beauty, even from afar. They’ve been sought for years because of their value and breathtaking splendour. The fiery gemstone was eye-catching and was always prized because of its predominant and compelling colour.

Ruby is also the symbol of strong love and passion. Ruby & diamond pendants for necklaces make perfect gifts for someone you hold close to your heart. You can also wear one for yourself, especially if you were born in July, as ruby is the birthstone of people born in the seventh month of the year. Another good reason to wear a necklace with ruby & diamond pendant is that it’s said to bestow good fortune to the wearer. So other than wanting to look glamourous, it can be your other excuse for when you want to wear this precious gemstone.

Ruby: The Gemstone of Royalty

Long before the diamonds’ value were discovered, ruby was considered the gemstone for the royal and the noble in the ancient time because of its stunning red colour. Ruby gemstones can often be found adorning the royalty’s crown and other important jewellery. It was also a belief back then that the gemstone possesses the power to protect the wearer from trouble. Thus, it was the first choice of influential and powerful people.

In today’s world, ruby is a part of the four major gemstones. Ruby joins the ranks of sapphire, emeralds, and diamonds and is still popular to royalties. One example is Queen Elizabeth whose Burmese Ruby Tiara is set with 96 kinds of rubies. Another great example is Sarah, the Duchess of York. She was presented with a Burmese engagement ring and this ring is world renowned for its heart-stopping beauty. So if you ever want to be your own kind of royalty, make the right choice by choosing to wear a ruby necklace.

Ruby & Diamond Pendants: The Perfect Combo Of Sophistication

Diamonds are one of the most expensive gemstones in existence. If you want glamour that is unmatched and unparalleled, choose ruby & diamond pendants to go with your necklaces. Combining the two precious gemstones in a statement piece of jewellery is not only perfect. It is the ideal thing to do when you want to reward yourself or when you want to give a gift that will always be cherished and treasured through the years.

Ice Online boasts a selection of ruby & diamond pendants that you can choose for yourself or a deserving loved-one.