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Celebrate Judaism With Judaica Pendants

Wearing jewellery does not just aim to accessorise any outfit, but to also show one’s individual style. Jewellery is also often as a gift to a loved one for special occasions. Religious jewellery has also taken the jewellery world as storm, working two ways, not just to add up to one’s style and elegance, but to be a proud reminder of one’s faith as well. Judaica jewellery is one of these.

The Origin Of Judaica Pendants

The term Judaica actually refers to Jewish ceremonial art, to any object used by the Jews for religious ceremonies. Moreover, Judaism is actually known for having a lot of customs, traditions, and religious celebrations. In each of these Jewish celebrations, it is also already traditional to give out gifts. The most common gifts for these special occasions would be necklaces which almost always necessarily include Judaica pendants. These Judaica pendants often contain the Hebrew words of the Shema, Hamsa, Chai symbols, and more often the Star of David.

Often the designs and adornments in a necklace tend to stand for something. For Jewish jewellery, more often these symbols are based on the Torah, the Kabbalah, and other Jewish tradition and history. The most popular symbols would be the Star of David, Chai, Hamsa and the Choshen design.

Materials That Make Up Judaica Pendants And Necklaces

Jewish jewellery are often made up of nickel, metal, or stainless steel. For the more intricate and pricey ones, they are often made of 14 karat yellow gold or 925 sterling silver. Aside from the Judaica pendants, the chain of the necklaces are also made of stunning high quality gold or silver. For the more modern ones, you can even opt to include key flash drives.

Most Judaica pendants often contain a bible quote which makes it more meaningful for the religious. Oftentimes these may contain a line from the Song of Songs by King Solomon, or from the book of Psalms. Common texts included in Judaica pendants would include, “I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me” or a popular Shema prayer such as “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is one.”

Jewish Jewellery And Judaica Pendants At Ice Online

If you are looking for an ideal gift for your loved ones for Jewish traditional celebrations, Judaica pendants and Jewish jewellery are your best bets. You can find Judaica pendants and other Jewish jewellery here at Ice Online. Ice Online has been Australia’s trusted jeweller since 1999. Any kind of jewellery is prone to questionable authenticity, and that is why you should be sure of your source.