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Praying In Fashion With Exquisite And Functional Rosaries

Rosaries not only aid people in their prayers but are also beautiful jewellery pieces that remind everyone of the importance of prayer. A prized rosary can just be what you need to be more motivated and inspired to pray.

Guide To Buying Rosaries

There are hand crafted rosaries, used ones, and even antique rosaries. Choosing a set of rosary beads can be an overwhelming time for you have to go through a number of choices to look at. To help simplify the process, here’s a simple guide in finding the perfect rosaries for your needs.

Rosary Beads - Rosary beads are available in a variety of shapes, colours, sizes, and materials. There are rosary beads made out of gold, silver, pearl, and plastic, porcelain and ceramics, glass, crystal, and metal. The ones made out of wood are the most popular amongst rosary buyers. The cost of the rosaries will depend heavily on the materials used while making them.

Connector Parts - Connector parts refer to the material or string used to connect the rosary beads. There are metal connector parts and beading thread, string, cord connector parts. While both can be relied on when it comes to sturdiness, jewellery experts believe metal connector parts provide reliable strength to stand the test of time. However, if proper care is observed, rosaries should last for years regardless of the connector parts used.

Centres - Centres are usually medals with scapular as the most popular. A scapular is a two-sided medal that has the Sacred Heart of Jesus’s (front side) and the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (back side) images back to back. Another example is the Miraculous Medal. Other centres with the Our Lady of Lourdes may or may not have an image on the back. It’s always best to check with the retailer if you are particular with these details.

Crucifixes - This is the part where Jesus Christ’s body is depicted. Catholic rosaries will always have this but there are other rosaries, such as knitted rosaries, which won’t have this.

Holy Rosary - Holy rosary, is a rosary which was blessed by an authority of faith (priests, pastors). Most of the time, it isn’t sold as it is deemed disrespectful and irreverent if sold in exchange of money. So if you wanted to own a blessed rosary, you have to purchase one first then have it blessed afterwards.

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