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THOMAS SABO: A Collection of Glam and Soul

THOMAS SABO is an ingenious designer that has created many inspiring accessories in the past. This time around, he had decided to complete a whole collection, and name it the THOMAS SABO Glam & Soul collection. The whole collection was released as a ladies collection for the seasons of spring and summer in 2014.

The THOMAS SABO Glam & Soul collection includes ringed hoops, earrings, pendants and rings, making it an all-around must have for the fashionable. At the same time, the THOMAS SABO Glam & Soul has chosen to use two wonderful aspects that had been incorporated seamlessly into the products it encompasses: an innate sense of elegance, paired with a fresh bout of energy.

Energy with THOMAS SABO Glam & Soul

The whole collection uses a touch of playfulness and energy within it. It uses flowing lines and different colours all embedded in sterling silver to create the illusion of movement and excitement.

The gems are chosen to be interesting and fun. The designs on the THOMAS SABO Glam & Soul are still reminiscent of the usual THOMAS SABO signature symbols, but this time around, they have been reinvented and recreated in ways that make the eye follow the accessories’ lines. This gives the viewer the hype that the THOMAS SABO Glam & Soul collection is so willing to portray.

Elegance with THOMAS SABO Glam & Soul

Although the THOMAS SABO Glam & Soul is admittedly full of energy, it is still a little understated as you will still look like the epitome of elegance when wearing its pieces. The pendants, for example, are full of movement in their designs, filled with lines that get the eyes to follow them again and again.

However, the beauty of the THOMAS SABO Glam & Soul collection is that even if it has that effect to the viewer, it still recreates the elegance that are so incorporated with the use of accessories. The different designs on the pieces allow you to look again and again because it has a profound characteristic of interest, but it also lets you see the necklace in all of its sophistication and glamour.

The THOMAS SABO Glam & Soul is wonderfully crafted to be both playful and sophisticated, and are perfect for the girls who are going on an elegant, although possibly crazy, date in the town. Browse our collection today!