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Bask in Glitz and Glamour with New Earrings from Thomas Sabo

Stud earrings are probably the simplest yet quaintest out of all the earrings found in stores today. This makes them an essential component of any jewellery collection. There are a lot of designs of stud earrings you can choose from. Their designs may vary from plain to elaborate, some may have several stones that surround the main stud. Ever wondered how to determine which one works best for you? Here is a quick rundown of your choices.

What Are Your Choices For Stud Earrings?

Stud earrings vary depending on the stones used to decorate it. Diamonds are the standard choice because of their beauty and ability to match any colour or style of the wearer's outfit. They are available in various carat sizes. Gemstones are also used, which are made in different sizes and cuts. Diamonds can be used to surround the gemstones. Metals such as gold, platinum, or silver can be used to enhance the beauty of the stones used. Jackets may also be used that fits between the earrings and your earlobe to make them more attractive.

A New Generation Thomas Sabo Earrings: They're Twice The Fun!

Thomas Sabo belongs to the top tier of jewellery brands all over the world. The company's love for fashion and interest in producing modern and expressive accessories has pushed it in making its mark in the industry. Every jewellery piece found in its collection is detail-oriented, exquisite, and elegant. One of the designs that truly made its name resound is the Thomas Sabo Turquoise cubic zirconia feather earrings.

Today it has again does its magic by giving customers a new treat: the double stud earrings. Women are guaranteed to feel twice as beautiful and sophisticated with these stunning pieces. They are twice as interesting as compared to the usual stud earrings with the use of stones such as cubic zirconia and pearl that are designed in combination with precious metals such as rose gold, silver, and yellow gold. Indeed, Thomas Sabo has outdone itself again.