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Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart Collection: Elegance of Black

Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart Collection embraces black as the ultimate colour of elegance. This collection uses the darkest colour as the centre of its jewellery design - from timepieces, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, and other pieces that no other jewellery brands focus on like belt studs, cufflinks, chains, and cords.

Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart is All about Freedom

Although black is already known as a popular colour for achieving elegance, Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart also embodies freedom—a rebellious spirit in style. Borrowing the revolutionary and defiant attitude of the youth from the punk, rock n’ roll, and metal era, Thomas Sabo successfully came up with an ultimate jewellery collection that would cater to the youth and the young-at-heart. Wearing a Rebel at Heart piece would make you want to get out and enjoy the day without constraints and limitations.

Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart and the Rebellious Emblems

The skull, snake, and bloody heart accents would surely create tension to any design element. A naked wrist, neck, chest, and even pair of ears would surely stand out when coupled with the pendant heart, the sterling silver earrings, or the skull necklace. Be the classiest and most elegant rocker when you have any of these.

Rebel at Heart means defying limitations in style, going beyond the norms, the traditional designs, or whatever the public wants and dictates. Hence, it’s all about being yourself, or going beyond your usual self.

Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart built on pure class

The entire Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart Collection is topped by high quality materials, including sterling silver and zirconia stones, ceramic, yellow gold, stainless steel and even diamonds - all of which create a stunning jewellery accent no one could refuse.

Being intrinsically dark and black, it needs no explanation that all pieces from the collection is wearable every day at all occasion. It is perfect for fabulous gatherings, such as evening balls and awards night, casual gatherings like dinner with family or movie evenings with colleagues, and most especially, for engagements that speaks directly of freedom like rock n’ roll performances and art exhibits.

Ice Online’s Thomas Sabo products are directly supplied by the company, Thomas Sabo, itself. Each and every piece is delivered to your home unscathed and is complete as it stated on the box. See our Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart collection today!