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Thomas Sabo Signature Range: Timeless Classic With A Modern Twist

Thomas Sabo is a brand known for its expressive and innovative accessories like jewelleries and watches for both men and women. Characterised by its special attention to detail, trend and quality, its designs range from classical to extravagant, while still exuding sophistication and elegance. Its unique and stylish accessory lines have spread throughout the world, making Thomas Sabo one of the top 10 international jewellery brands.

Ever since its foundation in 1984, Thomas Sabo has made its mark in the market with its Sterling Silver collection. In 2013, the brand broke away from using silver, and started making jewellery using yellow or rose gold plating. This new design breakthrough gave way to a more diverse collection.

Union Of Classic And Contemporary Styles In The Thomas Sabo Signature Range

The Thomas Sabo Signature Range takes its classic Sterling Silver design and combines it with a bit more innovative creations using fresh materials. This gives it an exquisite and timeless sophistication with a fresh and modern vibe.

What sets the Thomas Sabo Signature Range apart from others is its stunning coloured stone settings. White zirconia, pink stones, and blue stones are often framed by an intricately styled shiny Sterling Silver or rose gold plating. Its filigree, with the curved Thomas Sabo initials, brings out the beauty and enhances the sparkle of the elaborately cut stones. This style gives the piece a timelessly elegant and sophisticated look.

Thomas Sabo Signature Range For Every Occasion

Because of its variation, The Thomas Sabo Signature Range designs can be paired with any outfit for any occasion. The line offers rings, earrings and pendants of different colour ways and stone sizes, which can fit your personal style. For casual attires like jeans and shirt, you can wear the more low-key ear studs with small stones and minimal yet detailed settings. You can pair that with a simple yet elegant Sterling Silver ring.

If you are feeling a bit playful and adventurous, you can combine that with other Thomas Sabo Signature Range rings that have different stone colours like hot pink or blue synthetic corundum. This would create a more dazzling vibe to your laid back outfit. For a more formal and elegant look, accessories with larger stones and more intricate details are the perfect match for your evening gown or your "little black dress". The Thomas Sabo Signature Range rings are available in large stones with zirconia setting in the ring band, which adds more flare and radiance to the piece. The pendants come with pave zirconia as well, which perfectly flatter the neckline and accentuate your dress. You can finish off with swan neck hook earrings with bigger stones and varying colours.

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