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THOMAS SABO Unity Bracelet

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Thomas Sabo Unity Bracelets: A Stylish And Symbolic Accessory

Thomas Sabo, founded in 1984, is an internationally renowned jewellery brand that has been designing and producing jewellery, watches and beauty companies for both men and women for over three decades. It is known not only for its classically elegant designs, but also for its iconic, innovative, and trendy styles.

In an attempt to reach more of its male market, Thomas Sabo launched the Rebel at Heart range in 2007. This product line used more masculine materials like leather or black zirconia, as well as blackened Sterling Silver to suit the style of the male population.

As part of its Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection, Thomas Sabo debuted the Unity Bracelets as the new centrepiece for its Rebel at Heart line. The Unity Bracelets offer a diverse array of unisex bracelets made of stainless steel or soft braided leather bands. The main point is the ornately designed magnetic clasps, which gives it a more defined characteristic. This elegantly detailed closure is created from Sterling silver with different graphics like cubic zirconia pave, skulls, zigzag and Kathmandu silver dots. This design gives the bracelets a classy yet contemporary style.

Thomas Sabo Unity Bracelets For Your Personal Style

Thomas Sabo provides a wide selection of Unity Bracelets that can be easily paired with any outfit to amplify your overall look. You can wear the plaited leather bracelet with skull clasps with jeans and shirt for a rebellious rocker vibe. You can also pair a nice flowing dress with a Unity Bracelet with mystical or ethnic-themed clasps if you want to go for a Bohemian or hippie look. The braided silver Unity Bracelets can also give an edgy and cool twist to your usual office attire. Whether you are going to the office or school during the day or going out with friends at night, wearing a Unity Bracelet will definitely highlight your personal style.

Thomas Sabo Unity Bracelets Is A Meaningful Gift for Your Loved Ones

A Thomas Sabo Unity Bracelet is a great addition to your personal jewellery collection, but it is even better if you can share it with your loved ones. Unity Bracelets are more than just your average accessory. Just like how the magnetic clasps on both ends of the bracelet meet to form a whole, the bracelet symbolises the strong bond that unites you and your loved one.

If matching rings are too cliche for you, then Unity Bracelets are the perfect couple accessories you can deck out with your romantic partner, your best friend, or a family member.

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