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Akribos Watches: Bold and Sophisticated

Akribos watches are for the bold ones. They are not your usual classic timepieces or the ones that you usually wear everyday. Instead, Akribos XXIV are forward-looking and super stylish timepieces that are perfect for today’s modern days. Oversized faces and mixed metal construction are characteristics common to Akribos watches. You don’t often get to see modern designs like these ones making them ideal to wear during days when you feel like you want to stand out from the rest.

All About Akribos XXIV

“Precise” is what Akribos means in Greek. Akribos watches honour the efforts of the Greeks in accurately tracking time while the “XXIV” stands for the number of hours in a day. The Akribos watch collection includes automatic and quartz timepieces, all of which are intricately designed and made with unique features. Among these include polyurethane wristbands, diamond accents, and sleek satin finishes.

The Akribos watch company is based in Brooklyn, although it had its beginnings in Greece and Italy. The watches are designed with boldness and sophistication. To stand up to its name, the watches contain an advanced mechanism to make sure that they provide exact and precise time 24 hours a day. Among the many unique designs include complicated chronographs and watch skeletons. The more popular collections include the Bravura, Brillianaire, Lady Diamond, Grandiose, and Conqueror. These together with a few other models are made with Swiss technology with partial or full skeleton dials.

Where to Get Akribos Watches

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