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Stay Refined with a Cartier Tank Watch

Cartier today is far better than it was ages ago. There is no other wristwatch brand that can grant you elegance but Cartier. Each watch is crafted from the finest raw materials and mechanically woven with precise care. Yet in its collection of timeless pieces, there is one particular model that stand out because of its unusual form, the Cartier Tank Watch.

Louis Cartier created the first ever Cartier Tank Watch in the innovative year of 1917. However, it was only in 1919 that the first prototype was given as a luxurious present to General Pershing. It then took some years before the Cartier Tank Watch was introduced into the market. Yet that did not stop this jewel to take other leading watch brand by surprise. Since then, the Cartier Tank Watch became a legend in the watch making industry. It gained high praises and respect as time went by.

Go Edgy With a Cartier Tank Watch

The lugs of the Cartier Tank Watch mix flawlessly into the bare edges of the flat vertical brancard. This one-of-a-kind style granted the watch its unique aesthetic. As a classic piece, the Cartier Tank Watch exhibits clean, smooth lines that give its surface a timeless radiance. It is built and assembled to defy standard mechanisms and to fly above its competitors.

A Cartier Tank Watch redefines the perfect alignment of the original Cartier watches. It is the reality of smooth mechanism seamlessly incorporated by bits and pieces of brilliant stones. Featuring a compact form and fine lines, every Cartier Tank Watch gives watch styling a new dimension and takes fashion to a higher level. It became hugely famous with outgoing and free-spirited women.

Redefining Wristwatch Fashion With a Cartier Tank Watch

Let a Cartier Tank Watch guide you every step of the way. Tank watches for women include Tank Anglaise, Tank Louis Cartier, Tank Americaine, Tank Française, and Tank Solo. They are available in steel cases and nine-sided crown sets. Exuding with delighting allure and sophistication, each Cartier Tank Watch features spinel cabochons, sapphire crystals, silver dials, and blue steel hands inspired by contemporary swords. The iconic Cartier Tank Watch has inspired a myriad of variations, yet managed to safeguard its idiosyncratic identity.

If there is a sea full of watches and you do not know where to start, then might as well begin your life with Cartier Tank Watches. Ice Online Australia’s watch collection offers timepieces in steel, leather, white gold, yellow gold, and pink gold finish.