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The Fascination with the Fossil Georgia Watch

Watches’ functionality have evolved from simple time-telling to being a must-have fashion accessory, especially for the women. Style and look have now become some of the most important considerations in buying a watch. One watch that boasts of the simple elegant look is the Fossil Georgia watch.

The Company Behind the Fossil Georgia Watch

A watch and lifestyle corporation from the United States, the Fossil brand has been embedded in genuine vintage style ever since. Established way back in 1984, Fossil has become a trendsetter in the industry for more than a quarter of a hundred years already. Fossil is mostly known for its unique vintage inspired American style. Now Fossil is known worldwide, with more than 400 stores strong, and 4,000 locations with wholesale. Fossil has also expanded its products to include handbags, accessories, and so much more, aside from watches.

Top Features of the Fossil Georgia Watch


The Fossil Georgia watch’s style is classic, timeless and appeals on all levels, and it goes well with any look, whether casual or formal, day time or night wear. Fossil Georgia watches also come with leather bands in a wide variety of charming colours that is very complementing to any type of skin tone, giving the wearer’s arms and hands that delicate finish.


The Fossil Georgia watch even comes in an elegant stainless steel case perfect for gift giving. Its watch face was also designed to be sleek and chic, showing the time bright and clear with the contrast in colour of the dial. Its markers, numbers and hands designed in silver or gold add more to its elegant look.


Just as all watches should be, timekeeping is accurate. With the Fossil Georgia watch, time is measured to the second with its triple hand format.


The Fossil Georgia watch boasts not just of its style but its durability as well. It is made of stainless steel and protected by mineral glass. It is quartz powered and therefore its battery also lasts long. It is water resistant as well, resisting splashes, spills, and even submersion in up to 50 meters underwater.

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