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Measure Time with Timeless Gucci Watches for Women

A watch is a staple item in every woman’s daily wardrobe. Whether it is to tell time during a busy day at work or simply for #OOTD, a watch is an essential part of a look. There are people who own different watches to complete varying ensembles. However, not every outfit requires a G-shock or a very eye-catching diamond watch. Most often than not, it is the timeless timepiece which completes a look and makes it classy and elegant. Gucci watches for women have a long line of simply designed timepieces meant for women on-the-go.

Gucci watches for women are loved by many because of its simplicity, uniqueness, quality, and versatility. Timeless watches made by Gucci can be worn with a pair of jeans or in a strictly formal event. Here are a few Gucci watches for women that can complete your daily look.

Stylish Gucci Watches for Women

Gucci Women's Twirl Watch - YA112501

This Swiss made watch has a stainless steel GG monogram silver bracelet with a jewellery clasp. It has a width of 33mm. It has a brown dial and hands that tell time using quartz movement. It has a GG engraved case back, and is housed in a stainless steel rotating case. It is water resistant up to 3 atm or 100 feet.

Gucci Women's Interlocking Watch YA133307

This minimalist Swiss watch is sleek and classy with an interlocking polished stainless steel G bezel. It has a black dial with a Gucci logo at the top. It uses quartz movement. It is water resistant up to 5atm and its sapphire crystal element makes it scratch proof.

All Around Gucci Watches for Women

Genuine Gucci Women's U-Play Watch YA129409

Black is a colour that is simply elegant. That is why it is incorporated into some Gucci watches for women including this black, calfskin strapped U-Play watch. The watch has a silver dial with interlocking G design and a black bezel. It is Swiss made and uses quartz movement. It is water resistant up to 3 atm. It is also scratch resistant because Gucci uses sapphire crystals to protect a classic timepiece like this.

Gucci G Frame Women's Watch YA128512

Black and white is both formal and traditional though it never runs out of style. This G Frame has the classic white strap emphasising on the black dial with inverting G patterns. It has a greyish black bezel and a silver case to make the flow of colour from black to white continuous. The stainless steel bangle has a jewellery clasp. This water resistant and scratch resistant Swiss watch uses quartz movement.

Watches are necessary to complete one’s daily look. Visit Ice Online Australia for 100% authentic Gucci watches for women.