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Caring For Your Leather-Strapped Guess Watches For Women

A lot of women love wearing watches for various reasons. Some wear a watch for its functionality; others wear it to complete their daily look. Leather band watches are a favourite because they are versatile. It can be worn from sunrise to sunset, from office to party. Leather is also preferred for its simplicity. It is not flashy but subtly wonderful. Any leather-strapped Guess watches for women can complement your wardrobe without much ado.

Some women have different watches for different occasions but almost everyone has a watch with a leather band. There are even a number of women who wear theirs on a daily basis. However, wearing a leather-strapped watch often would damage the leather band especially if it is not cared for.

Dos and Don’ts on Wearing Leather Guess Watches for Women

Do not wear your watch round the clock. Removing it before you go to bed or while you are just walking around the house will allow the leather band to breathe. Also, remove your watch before you jump into the tub. True, there are Guess watches for women which are water-resistant but soaking your leather band in water can weaken your leather and speed up its wear and tear.

Wear it tight enough to not let it slip through your arm but loose enough to let it have some space. If you wear a leather band too tight, its constant motion with your wrist will stress the leather and also speed up its wear and tear. Prolong the life of your leather watch by wearing it loose.

Weekly Cleaning Routine for Leather-Strapped Guess Watches for Women

In-depth leather cleaning will lengthen the life of your leather band. To clean it, you need a microfiber or soft cloth and moisturising hand soap, if you do not have a leather cleaning product. Never ever wet the cloth or immerse the leather in water. Take the cloth and damp it. Dab a bit of soap. Scrub the leather band with the damp cloth. Pay attention to spots with dirt and areas near the watch. Rinse the cloth and dampen it again before wiping the leather with it. Leave the watch to air dry before using it again. Wipe it with leather wax to restore its natural shine.

Remove Odours from Leather Guess Watches for Women

Perspiration, oil, and dirt cause leather straps of Guess watches for women to have some odour. To remove this, mix baking soda and water. Apply the paste on the dirty part of the leather. Leave it overnight. Wipe the paste off and air dry. You can also apply this method to remove heavy stains on the leather strap.

Leather is versatile and elegant, making it the perfect accessory for women. Visit Ice Online today for leather-strapped Guess watches for women.