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Lucien Piccard Watches Provide Classic Timepieces

Lucien Piccard has been creating exquisite watches ever since it was established in 1923. Hailing from the land of Lausanne, Switzerland, the watches have found its way in the wrists of prominent people from royalties to celebrities like Frank Sinatra all over the world.

Lucien Piccard Watches: A Trend That Never Ends

Lucien Piccard has always been an innovator and a trendsetter. It was the first to incorporate gemstones on its timepieces. It introduced to the worldwide market its slim-line watch designs. It has made its mark because of its exquisite designs and outstanding quality that are sold at competitive prices. Lucien Piccard is dedicated in providing the best service to its customers such that it is only one of the few watch manufacturers that give a limited lifetime warranty.

Lucien Piccard continues to provide classic timepieces for the modern times. There are over a hundred Lucien Piccard watches to choose from in the collection; all of which have designs that are stylish and affordable for both men and women. The collection can be classified into four categories: fashion watches, casual watches, sport watches, and chronograph watches that can be matched with any style of clothing.

Lucien Piccard Watches: Stylish And Affordable

Lucien Piccard watches are very distinct because of the valuable embellishments in its watches such as gold, diamonds, and other precious stones. There are different choices for straps such as the classic leather, luxurious gold, stainless steel, and sturdy silicone. The faces utilise Sapphiretek, a glass that makes Lucien Piccard watches more resistant to being scratched at the surface.

Water resistance may also vary, reaching up until 200 metres. Lucien Piccard watches are more affordable but still accurate and precise because they are built with Japanese movements that are either quartz electronic or automatic mechanical. Maintenance is not much of a concern, aside from battery replacement every 2 years or so. With proper handling, Lucien Piccard watches are guaranteed to last for a long time.

Because of the affordability of their prices, Lucien Piccard watches are abundant and widely sold in the worldwide market. Ice Online guarantees you of an affordable and authentic Lucien Piccard watch when you buy from our store.